About Rohini Hills

The warmth of hospitality makes a lasting impression on your hearts. The splendor of comfort has always attracted your soul. That is why we have adorned Rohini Hills - The business hotel In Kunnicode, Kottarakara, Kollam. The hotel at the serene Kunnicode near Kottarakara is a guest delight one.

Signalling the grandeurs inside, its sylish lobby invites yout into the world of supreme luxury. Here in company with cool breeze and greenery, you will get memories to cuddle. Rohini Hills, Kunnicode is one among the business hotel in Kunnicode, Kottarakara. You will fall in love with everything when you stay in Rohini Hills.

About Kunnicode

Kunnicode is an ancient town in the hill station. It has its own legacy of trade history. It was one of the famous cattle trade centre in the region. One of the famous mountain ‘Pachilamala’ is nearby and is filled with medicinal plants and its breeze itself is rejuvenation to the body & soul. The place Kunnicode was famous in ancient days itself for ayurvedic treatments. The people led a healthy way of life with natural medicines and long living by nature.

Sabari bypass passing through Kunnicode town is an alternative route to Sabarimala from Trivandrum as well as Tirumangalam in TamilNadu. Avaneeswaram Mahadeva Temple, Pachila Mosque & St. Thomas Church highlights the communal harmony of the place.

Rohini Hills Location: Rohini Hills is nearly 1km away from Avaneeswaram Railway Station and is in the outer border of Kunnicode town itself. It is 75km away from Trivandrum International Airport and 167km away from Cochin International Airport.